What's Noval hammer

What's Noval hammer

1. The outline of Noval Hammer technology

In the outline of the conventional technology so-called downhole hammer, it is moving this piston by much air from air-compressor, and is drilling the rocks. The drilling powder has been exhausted with only air function.
Compared with the outline of the evolved technology Noval Hammer, which has two new particularity that equipped the auger screw on outside of hammer and infuse grout milk from hammer bit top when the hammer finished to drilling.
The former technology are drilling very easy and strong against the only rock soil, but when it is drilling into water or suddenly appeared big stone in construction place soils, it is difficult to finish drilling and it is impossible to be able to put into the pile in this soil.
Under such as these conditions, we make proposal to adopt Noval hammer construction method due to solve problem. The most evolved technology : Noval Hammer has above two characters, though it is under water, big stones soil, complex soils (example including look like soft soil), you will accomplish to finish construction work in nearly future.
You must memorize downhole hammer is evolving, and the most evolved hammer is called Noval hammer.

photo 1
You can find out three holes in Noval hammer machine. One hole is grout hole, another two holes are air holes.
photo 2
Under water piling by Noval Hammer construction method.

photo 3
The panorama view of Noval Hammer, you can find out the screw on outline hammer.
EIKO KOGYO CO., LTD. KENCHO DIVISION has the patent of Noval Hammer related-technology. We can introduce the fundamental construct company which are able to construct smoothly by using Noval Hammer construction method in the North America district.

2. The outline of Noval Mex technology

If you met a very easy collapsing fundamental construction place, how do you solve this problem? Except to escape, do you have a good idea? In that time you should remember Noval Mex Hammer technology, Noval Mex Hammer is equipped by the expand & contract bit. Whenever it is drilling, bit is expanding. when finish to drill, bit exchanges to smaller , possible to pull out from the steel pile. As if it appeared easy to collapse like stone soil including water, you are absolutely able to achieve piling construction.

photo 4
A bit of Noval Mex is able to expand when it is drilling & contract when it finished & is pulling out.
photo 5
When the bit is contract, Noval Mex can be pull out.

photo 6
Noval Mex was equipped the Piling Crain Ship.